Thankfulness Lately

by inspiredrd on April 17, 2014

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDLately I’ve been thankful for the opportunity to help others by sharing my story,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDconversations about volcanoes with my squirmy almost-7-year-old,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDhealthy fast-food lunches on the go,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDtradition passed down through generations,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDlocal theater teachers who invest in and inspire my girl,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDfried rice for breakfast,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDbackyard grass and warm spring afternoons,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDunplugged weekends and times of rest,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDfriends who hold hands,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDunexpected hot air balloon sightings on the way to school,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDnourish bowls for lunch and time to enjoy them,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDfun with glowsticks,

Thankfulness Lately - Inspired RDand afternoon breaks with Jewels cupcakes and Call the Midwife.


What are you thankful for lately?

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Peanuts, Pranks, and a trip to 1979

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Vintage Baseball Baby Shower Theme

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When spring feels like summer

April 11, 2014
When spring feels like summer

When spring feels like summer and my brain feels lazy and all I want to do is shut this computer, sit on the back porch, read a book, and watch the kids play in the sprinkler…I think I’ll do just that. Have a great weekend. Psst…don’t forget to enter the JJ Heller giveaway!

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JJ Heller - The Golden Feather and I Dream of You Giveaway!

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You + Me Photo Session

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You and Me Maternity Session I

Our good friends Whitney and Jonny are having a baby soon, and they are soaking up this final month of you-&-me time. You know, the final days before their lives change FOREVER. I love the perspective Whitney has on these last few weeks. While most women are nearing the end and begging the baby to […]

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Simple Fish Tacos

April 7, 2014
Simple Fish Tacos #glutenfree

Last week I promised you the recipe for simple fish tacos Leila requested on her birthday. I make these all the time, and the kids go crazy for them. I think part of the reason is because the fish, while delicious, is also mild in flavor (and not “fishy” at all). The other reason is […]

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Ecocentric Mom Box Subscription

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Weekend Things

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Opening Day by Thrive Photo

{Opening Day by Thrive Photography} Worth Reading: Doing Less, Being More – Brian Gardner All I know how to do is read – The Wild Love Want to be more creative? Stop doing this. – Ally Vesterfelt Why is good photography expensive? – Jon Acuff How to get your kids to try new foods (and […]

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Arugula Bean Dip

April 3, 2014
Arugula Bean Dip #glutenfree

Yesterday we celebrated Leila’s 5th birthday with fish tacos and strawberry vanilla cake. She loved the fish tacos, but she may have been even more excited about the cake. It turned out even better than I remembered, and I may have had another piece for breakfast this morning. You can find the recipe for the […]

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