First Taste from the Garden

Gardening, Local Food June 8, 2010
This week we had our first taste from our garden!  Two beautiful yellow pear tomatoes were perfectly ripe and ready to be picked.  I took Joe out to the garden with me.  He was very excited to taste something that we had grown ourselves.  
I let him pick the first one.
He takes a bite.
Success!  He likes it!
Wait Mom, there are seeds in here!
Are these ok to eat?
He finishes it with one big bite.
I ate the other ripe tomato with a leaf from the basil plant growing next to it.  Joe decided that he would eat his next one with basil too.  I think it should be ready to eat today.  
The best thing about this little yellow tomato is that if I had brought it home from the store, I would have had a hard time getting Joe to try it.  But because he was able to pick it himself after watching it grow in our garden, he was eager to try it.  He has even been eating basil leaves right off the plant whenever we go back to the garden.  This is one of the biggest reasons I wanted a garden in the first place.  So that our kids would be excited about fresh food and more willing to try new things.  I am excited for many more first tastes from our little garden.

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  • Stephanie June 15, 2010 at 8:23 am

    Such fun…for both of you! We keep saying that we'd like to start a garden. Maybe this year will be our year… 🙂