Recipe Review: Brussels Sprout-Leaf Salad

I love crispy crunchy roasted brussels sprouts, but I also enjoy trying new recipes.  So last week when brussels sprouts were in our Bountiful Basket once again, I went searching online and found a recipe from Giada at Home on the Food Network.  You can see the written recipe here and a video of how to make the salad here.

The only thing I did differently from the original recipe was to use sliced raw almonds instead of toasted almonds.  The salad turned out beautifully.  It was very simple and fresh.  I love the simpleness of the dressing, I will be using it again in the future on other salads.  The flavor of the brussels sprout leaves was nice and mild from the blanching and paired well with the arugula and endive.  I highly recommend this recipe!


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