Etsy Favorites – Flying Leap Edition

by inspiredrd on September 30, 2010

I spent last weekend in Prescott, Arizona with a group of amazing women from Second Mile.  One of the highlights of the weekend was my time on the high ropes course.  Climbing up a 30-foot pole and jumping off may sound scary (it was!), but wow was it exhilarating.  Taking that leap of faith turned out to be symbolic for me in many ways last weekend, and I hope to never forget that feeling.  The photo above is of my friend Kelly taking the leap of faith.  She was actually one of only two women who was able to hold on to the bar that day.  
 LEAP and the Net WIll Appear - hand stamped brass Bracelet
LEAP and the Net Will Appear – hand stamped brass bracelet by CobwebCorner

Leap Of Faith   art print
Leap of Faith art print by paulastonebuckner

Leap of faith
Leap of faith by LilyMoon

take that leap of faith
take that leap of faith by newbeautiful

Ready, set…………..leap!

Have you taken a leap of faith recently?  Please share your experience in the comment section or on our Facebook page!

  • workout mommy

    wow—that is a HUGE leap! i would have been terrified!

    nothing for me lately but after reading this…i need to change that! :)

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