Etsy Favorites – Sushi Edition

by inspiredrd on September 23, 2010

Date night doesn’t come around as often as it used to with two little ones, so when it does we make sure to partake in our favorite food. The first time I took my husband out for sushi was in college. I had learned to love it, and he was very skeptical. After the meal, he said his stomach felt funny and asked if we could go get ice cream at Braum’s. I think he was just a little nervous about the “raw fish” part. Now he absolutely loves sushi (especially the wasabi that comes with it). We had the opportunity to sneak away for a date night last week and had a delicious meal at Kabuki Sushi.  I couldn’t resist searching for sushi finds on Etsy the next day.  I hope you enjoy what I found…

Dipping Dish Eucalyptus in Chartreuse by hopejohnson – a pretty place for soy sauce and wasabi

Edamame Pillow Set (Soy Beans)
Edamame Pillow Set by eoncreative – fun to eat and take a nap on

Sushi plank and Chopsticks of Myrtlewood from Oregon w Porcelain Fortune Cookie pillows
Sushi Plank and Chopsticks of Myrtlewood from Oregon with Porcelain Fortune Cookie Pillows by PacificMerchantile – what a beautiful handmade set

Sushi by JL67 – for the serious sushi lover

Free Chain with the purcachase of  Wassup, B Sushi Humor  Recycled  Scrabble Tile Pendant
Sushi Humor Recycled Scrabble Tile Pendant by VanityDesign – for the not so serious one

rice bowls vintage maybe but definately destash
Rice Bowls from valnorthwoods – I would enjoy eating rice out of these

four daisy laquerware sushi plates
Four Daisy Laquerware Sushi Plates from ourhousevintage – I love the little grooves for the sushi

Sushi Slippers - Medium
Sushi Slippers by sushibooties – these are silly but fun

Any other sushi lovers out there?
  • Chelsea

    Funny, I love sushi, but by husband doesn't. I have to get it on the side!!
    Thanks for featuring our sushi plates in your blog.
    I think I know what I'm having for lunch today!

    -chelsea, our house vintage

  • Christy

    TOO cute!

  • PukeFacedFreak

    Here's something I bought a while ago when I did my sushi search.

    It's an incredible affordable and sturdy sushi print purse. I love it. Every time I'm out with it I get compliments.

  • Alysa

    Thank you for the comments! And thank you @Etsy for sharing this list with your Twitter followers!

  • Liz Smith

    Nice post! I love sushi, so I tweeted this list myself. Thanks for sharing!

  • Meghan

    My husband and I love sushi so much that we named our cat Sushi.

  • Monica Adalsteinsson

    I love Sushi inspired stuff! I actually bought a cute Sushi Platter necklace on Etsy :D It's super cute,

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