October 2010

And The Holidays Begin…

October 29, 2010

I ran to the grocery store yesterday to pick up a few items.  Little did I know that a special six-hour sale was going on complete with free samples on every aisle and employees handing out candy.  Apparently they were trying to purge the store of Halloween items to make room for the Christmas displays. […]

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Etsy Favorites – Personalized Jewelry Edition

October 28, 2010
You Choose the Name on the Heart Necklace, Sterling Silver

I love personalized jewelry.  On most days, you can find me wearing a necklace that I put together with personalized charms from different Etsy artists.  These make beautiful and meaningful gifts, especially for moms and grandmothers.  Here are a few that I found while searching Etsy today: You Choose the Name on the Heart Necklace […]

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Herb Roasted Parsnips & Sweet Potatoes

October 27, 2010

I was overjoyed to see parsnips in this week’s Bountiful Basket.  I have only used parsnips twice in my life, both times for the same dish (Leek and Root Vegetable Gratin).  I have developed quite a fondness for roasted vegetables, so I decided to roast them up with a few of the yams from this […]

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Supermarket Swap – Apple Sauce

October 26, 2010

Kid-favorite, BRAT-diet staple, portable snack. Apple sauce is simple right? Just smashed up apples and maybe a little cinnamon. Do we really need to look at the label? You may be surprised about some of the ingredients I found while snooping around as a label detective today (and the weird girl at the grocery store […]

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This Week’s Bounty

October 25, 2010

Tweet $16.50 Conventional Basket What a bountiful week this was!  My Bountiful Basket was bursting with color, the Mexican pack was stuffed and the pumpkin was HUGE!  I was especially excited to see parnsips and pomegranates in my basket as well as avocados in the Mexican pack.  If you have never cooked with parsnips before, […]

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Weekend Lunge Challenge

October 23, 2010

Tweet The Cancer Kicker himself dominating some lunges A quick lunging challenge for this weekend! -10 side lunges to the right -10 side lunges to the left -10 alternating lunges to the front -10 alternating lunges to the rear Repeat 3 times Don’t forget to warm up first and stretch afterwards. (Click here for how […]

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Etsy Favorites – Mums Edition

October 21, 2010
Purple Mums - Fabric Flower Shoe Clips

In honor of my favorite football team sitting atop the BCS poll this week, I thought I would pay tribute to the campus of the University of Oklahoma.  Every fall, something spectacular happens.  The mums bloom.  And they are breathtaking.  Please feast your eyes upon these mums and these mums and these mums. And then have a look at […]

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This Week’s Bounty

October 18, 2010

This week’s Bountiful Basket haul included some fun fall add-ons.  With our family still in California, these photos were taken by my parents (who you might know if you pick up your basket at the Clements Center).  I will be back next weekend though, so I am excited to be able to place an order this […]

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A Collection of Butternut Squash Recipes

October 16, 2010
Butternut Squash

I had never really cooked with butternut squash much before this fall.  However, it is quickly becoming one of our favorite ingredients.  As Joe says, “Mommy, I love butter squash!”  Rich in vitamins A & C and easy to peel and prepare, I think it will become one of your new favorites as well. Storage […]

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Etsy Favorites – Burgundy Edition

October 14, 2010
Vintage Burgundy Carnation Flower Hair Clip with Pearl Center

With the launch of Lunging for a Cure, I wanted to do an Etsy edition that showcases the official ribbon color of multiple myeloma.  Please enjoy the burgundy selections, and remember to join my Facebook page as I lunge to raise money and awareness for multiple myeloma. Vintage Burgundy Carnation Flower Hair Clip with Pearl Center […]

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