Etsy Favorites – Earth Day Edition

April 22nd is Earth Day.  To celebrate, I pulled together some upcycled treasures from Etsy.  I hope you enjoy them!

OWL SHAPED CRAYONS - Birthday Party Pack of Twenty (20) Children's Favors - Recycled / Upcycled - Eco Friendly and Rainbow Colorful In Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, Turquoise, Lime, Gray, Burgundy, Brown and Lavender
Owl Shaped Crayons by ivylanedesigns – made from recycled Crayola crayons

eco-friendly handprinted sea oats pouch in upcycled sand
Eco-Friendly Hand-Printed Pouch by seaoats – an old curtain is given new life as a beautiful pouch

Upcycled Rubber Oakleaf Necklace
Upcycled Rubber Oakleaf Necklace by Gloomstopper –  made from recycled bicycle tubing

Recycled Sail Throw Pillow - Blue number 8
Recycled Sail Throw Pillow – Blue Number 8 by reiter8 – made from recycled sail boat sails

Denim Casserole hot pad
Denim Casserole Hot Pad by CAWsStuff – made from leg seams from old jeans

Eco friendly flower, organic decor
Eco Friendly Flower by TANGleAndFoLd – beauty from old magazines and recycled paper

White Pleated UpCycled Tuxedo Pillow
White Pleated Upcycled Tuxedo Pillow by DragonflyDarlin  – new life for an old tux shirt

Vintage skeleton key necklace with gray suede cord
Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace by BlackStar – I’m a sucker for old skeleton keys

Simple natural Tree Ring painting on repurposed wood
Simple Natural Tree Ring Painting on Repurposed Wood by focuslineart – my favorite! Tracy cuts down dead elm trees and shows off the beauty of the natural rings in the wood.

Does your family do anything to celebrate Earth Day?


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