by inspiredrd on April 2, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet Leila.


Some of your favorite things right now:
-your bellybutton
-speaking your mind
-the color purple
-“Mom, watch!”
-playing with Joe
-sitting on Hobbs
-your two babies and making them fly (thanks Grandpa)
-Grandpa aka “BaPa”
-eating…anything and everything
-spinning in circles
-getting dirty

You are such a light in my life.  I love you baby girl.

  • Angel Haynes

    Happy birthday, sweet Leila! We miss you and your wonderful family sooo much!

    Love you guys!!

  • Alysa

    Thanks Angel! We miss you guys too!!!

  • Tiggas Family

    Wow… AMAZING, a little late I know but Happy Birthday sweet girl!

    Hope you all are well!

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