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Bountiful Baskets August 27, 2011

Bountiful Baskets Conventional Basket

This morning, my dad volunteered at our local Bountiful Baskets site.  He was there unloading giant boxes of produce at 5:00 in the morning.  5 am!  Can I just say that I am thankful for the volunteers who wake up much earlier than I do so that I can have a basket full of fresh fruits and veggies?  Thank you volunteers!!!

This morning’s basket was overflowing.  Some of the produce was very ripe including the bananas, tomatoes and green chiles.  Those will have to be used right away.

I plan to roast and freeze the chiles like this.

I am thinking about doing slow roasted tomatoes too with these directions from Smitten Kitchen.

We have been making smoothies quite often lately, so I will probably peel, slice and freeze most of the bananas.  Frozen bananas are an excellent base for smoothies, taking away the need for ice.

With two bags of grapes, I might play around with some of the grilled or roasted grape recipes I have seen floating around the internet lately.  Or I might freeze them for a cool summer snack.  Yes, I know some of you are preparing for fall, but it was 115 degrees here yesterday.

Today’s basket count for $16.50:
-9 bananas
-1 cantaloupe
-2 bags green grapes
-6 nectarines
-7 pears
-7 roma tomatoes
-1 bunch broccoli
-2 heads romaine lettuce
-18 small golden potatoes
-16 green chiles
-5 ears corn
-1 bag carrots

As always, if you have any recipe ideas from this haul, please share in the comments!


2 Reminders:

If you haven’t read about the auction to benefit Jennifer Perillo, please read and bid here.  Auction ends August 31st.

If you haven’t voted for me (@InspiredRD) in this Top 50 list, please take a few seconds to do so. Thank you for your support! Voting ends August 31st.

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  • Reply Michaelina Bellamy August 27, 2011 at 10:56 am

    Hello. I was a bit disapointed in what I paid for. It all was tasteful but it was small portions. I am in the hospital with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and really need to pump up my health. I bought extra to help my daughter out with her 3 boys as well. Needless to say…there few few greens and it is my first pick=up. Last week I paid almost $70 but was in too much pain and didn’t set my alwarm at the right time to pick up so I lost but was blest to know it was gifted to the firemen. This time I felt I wascheated. Sorry. I will try again. Changed my place from Las Vegas to Henderson. My daughters boys loved the granola but expected that the nuts and other things in it were also separate. It didn’t quite explain it was a mix. ONE catelope. A few pairs..bunch of bananas, grapes, plums…small stuff. Now I’ve spent over $100 for this in 2 weeks and I am on a fixed income. But like I said I will try again before trying something else. Thankyou

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