September 2011

T-Ball and Taco Night

September 30, 2011

Last night was Joe’s very first t-ball practice. I might have taken 92 pictures to remember the occasion… Last night was also my first experience with what to eat on a practice night.  T-ball started at 5:30, so I made the kids a banana, strawberry, mango, coconut milk smoothie to drink on the way.  Before […]

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All or Nothing

September 28, 2011
running shoes

I have a confession to make. I’m in another rut. After the high of getting my energy back upon going gluten-free, some other issues have come up. I got hurt, then I had a horrible cold, and now I’m discovering other food intolerances that can wipe me out for an entire day. The goal that […]

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This Week’s Bounty & a recipe for Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

September 24, 2011
organic tomatoes on the vine

It’s Saturday morning, the air has a hint of coolness to it, and I am sitting here pretending that it will feel like fall today.  The windows are open, a breeze is blowing through the house, and tomatoes and garlic are roasting in the oven.  I probably have another hour before I have to close […]

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How to roast garlic, and a recipe for roasted garlic hummus

September 21, 2011

Did you know that when you roast a bulb of strong and pungent garlic, it becomes soft and sweet and oh so amazing? Roasting garlic is one of the simplest things you can do in the kitchen.  Even for you non-cooks out there, you can do this.  It’s so easy.  Choose a bulb of garlic […]

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Rustic Fig & Date Pie on The Kids Cook Monday

September 19, 2011
fig and date pie

It’s been a while since our last Kid’s Cook Monday post.  With the end of summer, a little bit of traveling, and some crazy cold that kept me on the couch for a week, I haven’t spent much time in the kitchen.  I woke up feeling better this morning, so I decided to go with […]

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Learning how to live

September 14, 2011

Last weekend, we took a quick trip to California to visit family. On Monday, we took the kids to Newport Beach. I had no intention of swimming other than sticking my toes in the water.  The temperature was in the 70’s, it was windy, and the water was cold. After walking around and hanging out, […]

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Be Back Soon…

September 13, 2011

We are enjoying Jeff’s final week of vacation before he heads back to work.  I will be back soon with new recipes and a big challenge for all of you.  In the meantime, enjoy your week!  

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Silent Sunday

September 11, 2011
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My first gluten-free road trip

September 9, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to head out to California to visit family.  Because it was a last minute decision, I didn’t have time to plan and pack food as I would normally have.  I had a few snacks to throw into a bag including a Larabar, some almonds, and some fruit, but what would I […]

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Enjoying the Offseason

September 6, 2011

During the baseball season, Jeff rarely has a day off.  From March to September, he works almost every day.  The perk to that kind of schedule is that there is an offseason.  His last game was August 29th, and he has two and a half weeks off until instructional league begins.  That will last for […]

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