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If you’ve been following my blog for any time at all, you know that I’m an on again, off again crafter.  Sometimes I craft for days, and sometimes I throw it all in the closet and don’t touch it for months.  My Etsy shop has reflected this mentality over the years, evolving many times, and sitting idly in between spurts of creativity.

As much as I love to create, I’m not really a fan of making the same thing over and over again.  I think that’s ok, and you will continue to see an eclectic mix of handmade and vintage items in my shop.

But I do want to become more consistent and purposeful in what I do with my Etsy shop.  Instead of random bits of income that go who-knows-where, I want to start tracking everything.  What I spend on materials, listing fees and payout to Etsy, then what profit comes in from each item.

I want it all to be for a purpose.

So I created a new banner and wrote a new shop announcement.

Here it is:

Welcome to joemomma. I started this shop in 2007 after my sweet Joe was born. It was a way to stay creative and share what I made with others. Since then, the shop has evolved many times. I’ve gone through crafting phases (baby stuff, then pillow covers, then lots and lots of hoops, now vintage) and phases of just letting my shop be.

Now, I’m ready to give my shop a purpose.

joemomma will still be an eclectic mix of whatever inspires me, whether that’s embroidery, vintage finds, or the occasional bag. But the vision of joemomma is now clear.

All profits will go into our family “justice fund”. Each month, the first of the profits will go to the children that we sponsor through Food for the Hungry. Whatever is left will go to the cause that our family feels led to give to that month. It might be buying chickens for a family in Africa, or it might be buying groceries for the family next door.

Just know that whatever money you spend in this shop will go to help someone who needs it.

I’m excited about this new direction, although a little nervous about being a better bookkeeper.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at inspiredrd{@}gmail.com.

I would love to invite you to check out the newly refocused shop.  Use the code “BLOGREADER” to get 50% off until June 8th.

As always, thanks for letting me share my heart with you as I strive to live a more authentic life.



  1. Love it! I’ve been toying with the idea of crafting for a cause, but right now I’m in an off-again phase. Learning grain-free/paleo cooking has taken up most of my recent attention and free time. I think I need to plan my time out better, cause the crafting is fun, too!

    1. inspiredrd says:

      I don’t always make time to craft, but it is definitely a fun thing to do.

  2. Real Food RD says:

    oh shut up! You craft too?? I only found your blog a few weeks ago, so I didn’t know you had this side of you too. Wow, I wish we would hang out in real life and craft, eat gluten free food and talk dietetics :)

    1. inspiredrd says:

      That sounds SO fun!

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