Say goodbye to separation anxiety (how to keep your nut butter from separating)

by inspiredrd on June 29, 2012

Do you suffer from separation anxiety?  Do you refuse to buy the natural peanut butter because it’s an oily mess on top and dry as a bone on the bottom?  Well I’m here to teach you how to enjoy the goodness of natural nut butter with absolutely no separation anxiety.  Here’s how you do it.

Grab your nut butter.  Ideally, the only ingredients will be the nut itself and maybe salt.  I totally broke that rule with this cashew butter (it also contains vegetable oil), but you get the point.

Here are the tools you’ll need: a large bowl, a mixing spoon, and a spatula.

Bonus points if your spatula is as cool as mine.

Remove all the contents of your nut butter jar into the large bowl.  Use the spatula to get it all out of there.

Use the mixing spoon to stir the oil back into the nut butter.  Mix well until all of the oil is incorporated back in.

Grab your spatula again and use it to transfer the stirred nut butter back into the jar.  Try not to make a mess.

Replace the lid, clean the outside of the jar if needed, and stick the nut butter into the fridge.

It will never separate on you again.  Kiss your anxiety goodbye.

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