It’s not easy being green – Week 2 of the Whole Foods September Challenge

by inspiredrd on September 14, 2012

Since my update last week, I am happy to report that I’ve been feeling much better.  Going from whole foods only to whole foods + low FODMAP has been challenging (and a bit boring), but it seems to be working.  My typical meals look something like this.

Protein with fruit and veggies from the green list.  I’ve also been eating a little peanut butter here and there to make sure I get enough calories in.  I also eat plain baked potatoes with the skin for fiber and to settle my stomach if it starts to feel icky.  I’m still not eating grains, except for the gluten-free communion wafer I had yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, I had a wicked stomach ache after lunch and ended up taking a nap for 4 hours!  I’ve only been eating food that I prepare, so unless my kids glutened me in some way I’m probably just experiencing a virus of some sort.  That’s the thing about celiac though, when you feel bad you don’t know if you’re sick of if gluten is to blame.  Time will tell.

Because I felt so bad last night, I ended up having a bowl of gluten-free cereal.  Not on the whole foods list, but at least low FODMAP and comforting to my stomach.

As for Jeff, he is still going strong and feeling great.  He is doing an amazing job of sticking to his goals in social situations and is running every day.  I am proud of him!


In other whole foods news that you may have heard through the grapevine…I am signing on to be a brand ambassador for the California Raisins!

No, I don’t have to wear a giant raisin costume.  But I do get to fly out to Fresno next weekend for the raisin harvest.  I am so excited!  They have a copy of my green food list and are bending over backwards to be able to feed me safely.  I love them already, just for that.

I’ll be traveling with a team of food bloggers, go check them all out if you have a chance:

·         Brandi Evans – Bran Appetit

·         Carolyn Ketchum – All Day I Dream About Food

·         Erika Sanchez – Nibbles & Feasts

·         Janelle Maiocco – Talk of Tomatoes

·         Laura Fuentes – Super Glue Mom

·         Meredith Steele – In Sock Monkey Slippers

·         Paula Jones – Bell’alimento

·         Susan Whetzel – Doughmesstic

Have a wonderful weekend!
  • Erica D.

    Congrats, although it’d be cooler if you’d be wearing the California raisin suit :)

    • inspiredrd

      Haha, that would be pretty cool…

  • ea-the spicy rd

    A raisin harvest sounds like a blast! Re: FODMAPs-I don’t have any issues myself with high FODMAPs foods, but i’ve worked with several clients now on a FODMAPs diet with great results. Hope it works for you too!

    • inspiredrd

      Thanks EA! I’m excited that something is FINALLY working.

  • Kat

    I’ll ask my mom if my California raisin costume from Halloween ~25 years ago is still around. You’re welcome to borrow it!

    Glad to hear the (albeit boring) FODMAPs diet is panning out thus far.

    • inspiredrd

      Yessssssssss, I would love to see that costume!

  • teri@managedmacros

    I need to find out more about FODMAPs, I think I will investigate further today :) Too bad you were not wearing a raisin costume…that would be fun!!! :) Seriously though, congrats on your new assignment, sounds cool!! Happy weekend to you!!

    • inspiredrd

      If you are having tummy troubles, the low FODMAP diet is something to look at. It’s really helping me!

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  • Stephanie

    Congrats on the new ambassadorship! It strikes me as being a good fit for your blog. Safe travels.

  • Caroline

    Does your church still offer individually wrapped gluten free communion wafers? I am trying to find some for my church and am having trouble. If they do, do you happen to know the brand or where they get them?

    • InspiredRD

      Yes, let me ask for you!

    • InspiredRD

      I just heard back. They order from

      • InspiredRD

        Also I just realized they don’t use this site for the wafers. If there is a table set up with bread pieces and a cup of juice to dip them in, they have the separate juice cups for the GF members along with these wafers – If it is a pass-the-plate situation, there are a few separately wrapped GF communion wafers per plate, and I just grab a juice cup like everyone else. I hope that helps!

        • Caroline

          I appreciate the help. Thank you!

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