Thankful Thursdays: Week 45 – The sun’ll come out tomorrow

Thankfulness Lately November 14, 2012

Last week, I celebrated each day.  Full of energy, determined to make the most of each day.  I started numbering the days, thankful to get to two days of feeling good.  Then three, then four.  By the end of day five, I was exhausted.  I was sure it was just because of the busy week, anyone would be tired.  Then Saturday the migraine came.  I’ve had it off and on ever since.  Sometimes it’s not so bad, just a little tingling on the top of my head.  Other times I’m nauseous and it’s hard to see straight.  I go back and forth between fighting the pain and giving into the fatigue.  My headaches have never lasted this long before so it’s hard to know what to do.  I can’t just lay around all day hoping to get better.  But I’m not sure how far to push myself.  Sometimes I go to the gym and try to sweat the pain away.  As good as it feels, I usually overdo it and end up not going back for a week or more.

I really thought I would be in a good place by now.  Celiac shmeliac.

There were some bright spots to the week though, here are a few.

My little mustached man raising money for hurricane victims.

The Veteran’s Day parade and this roller-skating dude.

A fresh Facebook profile.

Hope in a new song.

A new (refurbished) camera.

The way they love each other (most of the time).

My little tapper.

Time to be crafty.

Taking the kids to see Annie, and the way Leila ran up to her after the show.

A mini-reunion with Lindsey Nobles and the rest of the FH Artists crew.

Speaking of Food for the Hungry, they launched a brand new FHBloggers website where you can learn more about the FH Bloggers trips and apply to become an FH Blogger yourself!  I hope you’ll check it out.


Last, I’m thankful for this discipline of giving thanks each week.  A time to pause and remember the good when all I want to do is sulk and wallow in the bad.  A time to give thanks in all circumstances, and to remember Who gives me the strength to get through each day. Because one thing I know for sure, I can’t do it on my own.

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  • jada November 15, 2012 at 8:47 am

    Hey Alyssa!
    Have you had your adrenals checked? The best way to do that would be through a 24 hour saliva test done at home then sent out to a lab. Having adrenal fatigue is so common now days. It wouldn’t hurt to at least rule that out! Here’s a great place to learn more!