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Uncategorized December 19, 2012

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The Inconvenient Truth about Mental Health and Gun Control | Rage Against the Minivan

I’m not going to pretend like these measures will solve all of our problems. We will always have madmen living in the general population. However, we can make it more difficult for them to obtain guns. And while it may not keep guns out of the hands of all criminals, it might keep them out of the hands of sociopaths. See . . . sociopaths are not common criminals. They don’t run in circles of criminals. They are loners, and usually buy their weapons legally or take them from a friend. They don’t have connections with people who sell illegal firearms. They don’t have many connections, period. And while they could still obtain a gun illegally, I think it could be a deterrent.

Of course, the common criminal will still have access to guns, but the common criminal is typically not bent on killing random civilians. And again, I’m not saying we criminalize guns. I’m saying we rule out the people who shouldn’t have them so they cannot buy them legally.


A Touching Note from a 10-Year-Old Celiac | Gluten Dude

This will most likely be the sweetest, saddest, most touching thing you’ll read all day.

Chloe is 10 years old.

Chloe has celiac disease.

She got glutened last week and her Mom, who owns the New Grains Gluten Free Bakery, found this letter on her nightstand that night.


God Can’t Be Kept Out | Rachel Held Evans

We all grieve in different ways, and we must be patient with one another as we do, but there is a rumor floating around among the people of God that is so vile, so dangerous and untrue, it simply must be called out. It’s a rumor that began long before the shots rang out at Sandy Hook and long before this Advent season.

It’s the rumor that God can be chased out. 

You might have heard it from Bill O’Reilly and those who, every Christmas, work themselves into a frenzy over the “War on Christmas.” They storm checkout counters to demand that clerks issue them a “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays,” crying persecution when inflatable manger scenes are moved from public courthouses to private property. They demand that every gift purchased, every mall opened late, every credit card maxed out must be done so in Jesus’ name…or else Christ will be taken out of Christmas. They do it because someone told them that God needs a nod from the Empire to show up, forgetting somehow that God showed up as a Jew in the Roman Empire.

In a barn.  

As a minority.

After a genocide.

To the applause of a few poor shepherds.


Six Facts Everyone Should Know About Celiac Disease | Bay Area Bites

Celiac Disease Can Hit at Any Time

“You can develop celiac disease pretty much at any time,” said Fernandez-Becker, “in infancy and in adulthood.”

While doctors know that there is a genetic predisposition for celiac disease, they don’t know what triggers its onset.

Identifying the inciting event “is a subject of intense research right now,” says Fernandez-Becker. “Anecdotally, we see patients after they’ve had a very severe gastroenteritis or a bacterial infection or even pregnancy, later go on to develop celiac disease.”

So while you may be tempted to write-off friends who say they have celiac disease as merely being trendy, it’s completely feasible for someone to develop the disease well into adulthood.

Which Came First, The Fat or the Crap? | Just Roni

It’s sad, but I still struggle between these two states. I just can’t figure out which comes first, the feeling “fat” (which really is my catch all for depressed, sad, stressed, overwhelmed, scared, lonely, etc.) or the eating of crap.

It’s my personal chicken egg problem.

Which Came First, the Fat or the Crap?


How Food Saved My Family | Summer Tomato

The holidays are one of the few times in the year I get to visit my dad, whom I love more than anything. This is the story about how my trips home for the holidays helped him transform his diet, and save his life. This is the success story I’m most proud of at Summer Tomato by far.


Ever Wonder What God’s Face Looks Like? | Ragamuffin Soul

Sometimes we have no idea.
We follow the direction the Lord sets us on and run.
We run hard.
We run.
We have no idea whether or not we are even close to victory.

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