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Fitness, Life February 13, 2013

Join the 40 Days of Water Challenge with Blood:Water Mission and InspiredRD.com

The 40 Day Water Challenge starts today.  I invite you to take part in whatever way works best for you:

  • 1. Give up all drinks except water for 40 days, making your own profile page and donating the money you would have spent on other drinks.
  • 2. Make a profile page, but keep your morning coffee and donate double what you spend on it.
  • 3. Give up one drink this week and donate it here.  Instead of ordering soda with your meal, order water.  That $2 you divert will provide clean water for 2 people in Uganda.  Crazy, huh?


Sparkly Green Earrings giveaway from InspiredRD.com

Today is the last day to enter the “Sparkly Green Earrings” giveaway.


Dietitians for Professional Integrity Facebook group

There is a brand new Facebook group called “Dietitians for Professional Integrity“.  I’m proud to be a founding member, and I plan to go into detail about what this is and why we are banding together very soon.  For now, I invite you to “Like” the page and help us get the word out.  Basically, this is a group of dietitians (and people who support us) who believe the current corporate sponsorship model held by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) is harmful to our profession, and harmful to YOU the public.       You can find out more about our mission here.


lozilu phoenix

Don’t forget to sign up for “Team Inspired” in the 11:00 wave of the LoziLu Mud Run.  If you have any trouble joining our team, let me know!  Save $10 on registration by liking their Facebook page here.

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  • Angelique Gertig February 13, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    Thanks for posting about the new professional group also! I saw it on Andy B.’s page also and already “liked” the page! I am going to send him my own testimony, since I have been unhappy with the sponsorship policies of the AND since I began my dietetics program over a year ago. I am totally on board! Might even consider attending the annual meeting in October this year in order to see this panel discussion, sure hope it pans out!