Cooking With Kids

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Sides

November 26, 2014
Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Sides | InspiredRD for Van's Foods

I’m sharing some kid-friendly Thanksgiving side dishes on Van’s Foods blog today. Click on the photos to see the recipes! Also, if you have been looking into the MuTu System for diastasis recti, this weekend you can grab the program for 40% off! Sale starts tomorrow and goes through Monday.   Happy Thanksgiving!     […]

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How to naturally dye Easter eggs

March 10, 2014
How to naturally dye Easter eggs

Joe’s birthday falls on Easter this year, and he is thrilled. “I am going to have SO MUCH FUN that day!” Here’s hoping BirthdayEaster 2014 lives up to his expectations. As a prelude to ALL THE FUN, we will first be dying some eggs. This is something we like to do each year, making it […]

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Look Ma, I food prepped!

February 23, 2014
Sunday Food Prep

Last month I introduced you to Lindsay (aka The Lean Green Bean) who gave us 5 tips for a successful food prep session. Today I finally tried it for myself. I think I’ve been putting off trying a weekly food prep because THREE HOURS IN THE KITCHEN, but today felt like a good day to […]

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Easy Recipe: Indian-Spiced Chicken

November 18, 2013
Indian-Spiced Chicken - A simple recipe from #glutenfree

I used to cook with the kids at least a few times a week.  They would strap on their aprons and we would have the best time stirring, tasting, smelling, and spilling.  But somewhere along the way, life got too busy.  Dinners became rushed, and when the kids asked to help I would say no. […]

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Waffle Bar Fun!

October 13, 2013
Waffle Bar Party!

Throwing a party is fun, but you don’t have to wait for your next birthday to do it. Gather a bunch of friends and have a waffle party! Find out how to set one up on my new blog post for Van’s Natural Foods here.

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How to make gluten-free playdough

July 11, 2013
How to make gluten-free playdough via

The kids and I used to love playing with playdough, but since going gluten-free I just haven’t taken the time to learn how to make it at home.  I totally should have because it only takes 10 minutes, and it’s super easy.  Also it’s fun!  This was a perfect project for Leila and I to […]

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How to Dye Eggs Naturally

March 18, 2013
How to dye eggs naturally -

Joe is in the middle of a two week spring break.  We’ve hit the baseball field, train park, garden and a few friends houses.  We’ve listened to Peter Pan and Robin Hood on the record player, built forts and watched old school Garfield cartoons.  And that was just week one.  Now we’re getting into science […]

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Peanut Butter Banana Split Sandwich – The Kids Cook Monday

August 13, 2012
Peanut Butter Banana Split Sandwich from

Hi!  My name is Joe, and today my sister Leila and I are going to teach you how to make our very favorite sandwich.  We love going to eat at a place called Joe’s Farm Grill because they have something called a Peanut Butter Banana Split sandwich.  We eat lunch at home almost every day, […]

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Family Dinners: What’s the Secret?

June 4, 2012

This post was originally published on Feed Our Families in January. Many of you have asked about how we do family dinners lately, so I thought you would want to read this. Let me know if you have any tips at the end!   What’s the secret to a perfect family dinner? The truth is, […]

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Kids in the Kitchen

March 23, 2012

I hope you had a great week!  Ours was filled with fun.  We finally made it out to the ballpark to visit Jeff at spring training.  We made it out for a day game on Wednesday and a night game on Thursday.  The weather was perfect, and we had fun catching up with friends that […]

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