Indoor Boredom Buster Idea – Make Your Own Mini Golf Course

August 4, 2013
Make your own Mini Golf Course - Rainy day (or snow day or heat day) activity from

I was tempted to call this a “rainy day activity” but when it rains at our house, we don’t stay inside.  We do this: While most of you have to come up with boredom busters in the rainy and snowy months, our indoor activities take place in the summer when it’s one hundred million degrees […]

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Project Simplify – That Pesky Closet

April 18, 2013
Project Simplify - Piles

It’s week two of Project Simplify and time to tackle that pesky closet!  I don’t know if you remember, but last year I organized my craft closet, giving it a makeover with storage items from the thrift store.  While I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping things in their place, I haven’t done very well […]

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5 Minute Spring Wreath Tutorial for Underachieving Crafters

February 25, 2013
5 minute spring wreath tutorial (for crafting underachievers) via

Last week my mom pointed out that the wreath on my front door was a little fall-ish and that I might want to get a spring wreath.  I thought that was a great idea, so Leila and I headed to the craft store.  I quickly realized that I wouldn’t get out of there for under […]

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Don’t be afraid to cut out what’s not working.

February 6, 2013

I’ve been in a sewing mood lately.  With me, craftiness is an all-or-nothing endeavor.  Sew all day for a week or sew not at all.  I’ve been having fun making handmade birthday presents and baby gifts. And as much as I’ve struggled in the past with sewing anything other than a straight line, I even […]

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10 of my favorite free fonts & a Valentine printable

January 24, 2013
10 Free Fonts from

Since learning how to use Photoshop, one of my favorite things to do is find and use free fonts.  There are tons to choose from and new ones popping up each day, so I thought I would share 10 of my favorite fonts with you.  Use these in Photoshop, Word, wherever.  When you download them […]

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Halloween memories on a string

October 4, 2012

For ten years now, my Halloween decor has looked like this. These two guys, a potholder, and our bubbly witch light were the extent of my Halloween decor. Last year I wanted to improve our Halloween situation, so I got fancy and made a fall wreath.  I also spray painted the letters B-O-O in a […]

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How to make a simple fall wreath, a repost as I head back to the mountains

September 28, 2012
How to make a simple fall wreath (no glue gun required) via

I’m headed up to the mountains today for a women’s getaway.  I can’t wait for the cool breezes and an excuse to put on my boots and a sweatshirt.  I’m also looking forward to a little “unplugged” time.  Things have been so busy behind the scenes (read: real life) that I haven’t had as much […]

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The Thrifty Love Gift Exchange

August 6, 2012
cross stitch "No act of love however small is ever wasted"

I’ve told you before that the thrift store is one of my happy places. So when a few bloggers threw out the idea of participating in a thrift exchange, I was in! Once we were partnered up, our mission was to find out what floats the boat of our fellow blogger and find some thrifty […]

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joemomma does justice

June 2, 2012

If you’ve been following my blog for any time at all, you know that I’m an on again, off again crafter.  Sometimes I craft for days, and sometimes I throw it all in the closet and don’t touch it for months.  My Etsy shop has reflected this mentality over the years, evolving many times, and […]

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Crafting under quarantine

March 2, 2012
cross stitch ipod case

I am happy to say that after our extended quarantine, the kids and I are healthy once again!  Unfortunately, Jeff didn’t hold his breath often enough and he has caught our cold.  Darn!  Anyways, I wanted to show you some of the craft projects I did while we were stuck at home last week. I […]

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