Etsy Favorites

Etsy Favorites – Upcycled Edition

December 9, 2010
Reinvented, Upcycled Drawer as Jewelry Display

I love the idea of taking something old and making it new again.  That was the idea behind my first Etsy shop.  Taking vintage and many times damaged fabric and giving it new life as a pillow, bag or cuff.  Check out some of the beauty I found on Etsy today while searching for “upcycled” […]

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Etsy Favorites – Cancer Kicker Edition

November 18, 2010
Angel Wing Heart Locket Sterling Silver

This week I have been putting together the Cancer Kicker Etsy shop where all items are donated and 100% of the proceeds go to fund cancer research.  I have been overwhelmed by the response from so many talented artists who are willing to donate to this shop.  I would say that over 90% of the […]

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Etsy Favorites – RV Edition

November 12, 2010
Live in the Moment

You may be thinking that an RV edition of Etsy favorites is a bit random, but I think it is perfect for the week when Give Every Day officially begins.  The Sheaffer family of Tucson, Arizona is moving out of their house today to live in an RV with the purpose of giving every day […]

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Etsy Favorites – Sandwich Edition

November 4, 2010

National Sandwich Day was celebrated by foodies all over the country yesterday.  Savoring the Thyme featured two of my sandwiches along with eleven other tasty creations.  My veggie and brie panini even made it to the Craft Gossip website. To continue the celebration, I found some sandwiches on Etsy.  I hope you enjoy. Handmade Sandwich […]

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Etsy Favorites – Personalized Jewelry Edition

October 28, 2010
You Choose the Name on the Heart Necklace, Sterling Silver

I love personalized jewelry.  On most days, you can find me wearing a necklace that I put together with personalized charms from different Etsy artists.  These make beautiful and meaningful gifts, especially for moms and grandmothers.  Here are a few that I found while searching Etsy today: You Choose the Name on the Heart Necklace […]

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Etsy Favorites – Mums Edition

October 21, 2010
Purple Mums - Fabric Flower Shoe Clips

In honor of my favorite football team sitting atop the BCS poll this week, I thought I would pay tribute to the campus of the University of Oklahoma.  Every fall, something spectacular happens.  The mums bloom.  And they are breathtaking.  Please feast your eyes upon these mums and these mums and these mums. And then have a look at […]

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Etsy Favorites – Burgundy Edition

October 14, 2010
Vintage Burgundy Carnation Flower Hair Clip with Pearl Center

With the launch of Lunging for a Cure, I wanted to do an Etsy edition that showcases the official ribbon color of multiple myeloma.  Please enjoy the burgundy selections, and remember to join my Facebook page as I lunge to raise money and awareness for multiple myeloma. Vintage Burgundy Carnation Flower Hair Clip with Pearl Center […]

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Etsy Favorites – Flying Leap Edition

September 30, 2010

I spent last weekend in Prescott, Arizona with a group of amazing women from Second Mile.  One of the highlights of the weekend was my time on the high ropes course.  Climbing up a 30-foot pole and jumping off may sound scary (it was!), but wow was it exhilarating.  Taking that leap of faith turned […]

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Etsy Favorites – Sushi Edition

September 23, 2010

Date night doesn’t come around as often as it used to with two little ones, so when it does we make sure to partake in our favorite food. The first time I took my husband out for sushi was in college. I had learned to love it, and he was very skeptical. After the meal, […]

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Etsy Favorites – Corn Sugar Edition

September 16, 2010

You may have heard in the news this week that the Corn Refiners Association is trying to sweeten it’s image by using the name “corn sugar” in place of high fructose corn syrup.  So while they try to convince us that “sugar is sugar”, I thought it would be fun to find some handmade corn […]

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