Reality Check

July 16, 2014
Reality Check

I love photography and sharing pretty pictures and inspiring others…and sometimes my highlight reel becomes just a little too rosy, and people ask me how I do it all. Well friends, I don’t. Not even close. Some days I struggle to get out of bed, and the kids yell at each other too much, and […]

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Far too easily pleased…

June 27, 2014
Far too easily pleased... C.S. Lewis quote

This quote always stops me in my tracks.  So I thought I would share it with you today in my own messy handwriting. Are you far too easily pleased? I am.  Far too often, I am.   Originally posted on June 21, 2013

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Choose Joy

June 8, 2014
Choose Joy

After my post last week about our move to Montana (sorry local friends, our TRIP, not our move), a few people told me that I have an adventurous spirit. I do? Me, the one who tiptoes into the pool instead of jumping in? The one who hyperventilates at the thought of breaking any kind of […]

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Learning to hand over the day…

March 30, 2014
Learning to hand over the day...

Being able to work for myself is a blessing. And sometimes a curse. What I struggle with most is truly setting down the work. Switching my brain off at the end of the day to focus on my family. Letting rest and peace and quiet fall. My brain races. Ideas pop, deadlines flash, iPhone beckons. […]

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Undoing Disease

March 25, 2014
What Would Jesus Undo? Celiac Disease

This is a hard post to write. Not because the subject is difficult, but because celiac disease is literally attacking my brain right now. Microscopic amounts of gluten have slipped into my system twice (I think) in the past two weeks, and my brain is having a hard time processing words. It’s having an even […]

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What I’m not giving up for lent

March 6, 2014
What I

I’m pretty new to the whole idea of Lent. Growing up I remember hearing my catholic friends talk about it a little, but I didn’t understand it. The first time I saw someone with ashes on their forehead in college, I politely told them they had dirt on their face and might want to wash […]

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One simple step to help end slavery

February 27, 2014
End It Movement

By the end of today, tens of thousands of people will post a photo of a red X on their hand to raise awareness for the End It Movement. It’s easy to dismiss something so simple (psh, what is a red X on your hand going to do to end slavery?), but awareness is no […]

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Overwhelmed by humility and grace

February 10, 2014
Overwhelmed by humility and grace - thoughts on the IF:Gathering #ifgathering

It’s easy to become cynical and jaded when leaders and celebrities disappoint us time and time again. When your spiritual leader is leading a double life of lies and affairs. When your favorite celebrity turns out to be a jerk behind closed doors. When every time the curtain is pulled back, reality is not what […]

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Watch the IF:Gathering Online

February 9, 2014
Watch the IF:Gathering for free online

Did you miss the IF:Gathering? Until Monday night at midnight, you can view the entire event for free. Gather a few friends and watch!

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Race Bravely

February 7, 2014

A few days ago I wrote about my hopes for the IF:Gathering. While I didn’t know what to expect as far as schedule, content, or anything else really, I had high hopes for the purpose of this gathering. I sit here tonight with mascara-stained cheeks inspired, humbled, challenged, filled up, and happily wiped out. I […]

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