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Easy Party Appetizer: Nuts with Goat Cheese and Grapes

November 16, 2014
Easy Party Appetizer: Grapes, Goat Cheese and Nuts |

Last week I hosted a Noonday Collection trunk show. My friend Sarah drove up from Tucson so we could have fun trying on all the beautiful jewelry Noonday has to offer. I only added a few fifteen things to my Christmas wishlist. I set out a few simple appetizers for the guests. We had popcorn, antipasto bites, […]

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“My life with Inspired RD,” a guest post by my husband

May 15, 2014
from a husband of a celiac

Because May is Celiac Awareness Month, I asked my husband to write a guest post about his experience so far with celiac disease. I am incredibly thankful for his love and never-ending support. Not only does he take care of me when I’m feeling like crap, but he also makes sure that the kids don’t kiss […]

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The Mini Frittata

May 7, 2014
The Mini Frittata #glutenfree

I love making frittatas. A little too much apparently, because my family seems to be tired of them. So I started making mini frittatas, just for me. I eat two slices and save two slices for the next day. Perfect! Just like regular frittatas, you can make this any way you like with whatever you […]

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Why do we keep our home gluten free? (Why wouldn’t you?)

May 5, 2014
Why we keep a gluten-free kitchen for our daughters.

To say I have supportive parents would be an understatement. The older I get, the more thanks I give for the love, loyalty, and encouragement they show me every day. For Celiac Awareness Month, I asked them to write a guest post about how they keep a gluten-free kitchen, not for their sake, but for […]

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7 Lucky Green Recipes

March 17, 2014
7 Lucky Green Recipes for St. Patrick's Day |

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  My days of chugging green beer may be behind me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any holiday spirit left.  Here are seven healthy recipes that are sure to bring you luck for your St. Patty’s Day.  (Well, maybe they aren’t lucky, but at least they won’t leave you with […]

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Woodland Holiday Snack Mix

December 20, 2013
Woodland Holiday Snack Mix Gift Jar #glutenfree

One of my favorite holiday memories takes place in my childhood kitchen. Mom and I would throw on our aprons and bake all day. Pecan dreams, gingersnaps, cranberry bread and puppy chow. Grandma’s fudge, spiced tea, and our favorite savory snack mix. We would bundle it all up and take plates, jars, and pretty tins […]

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Interview with a Ballpark Celiac

July 8, 2013
Interview with a Ballpark Celiac -

Around here we live and breath minor league baseball.  Back in the old days, when Jeff was making his way through the White Sox farm system, I reveled in the adventure that took us from town to town, exploring minor league cities, tasting all of the unique ballpark food.  “Dragon Tails” in Charlotte (fried pickles), […]

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Avocado and Grapefruit Salad

July 1, 2013
Avocado and Grapefruit Salad by

I’m back!  Well, sort of.  I’m kind of enjoying the lazy, crazy days of summer that leave us looking happily spent at the end of the day.  We’ve been doing lots of swimming, fort building, game playing, and reading.  Dinners with friends, art classes, playdates and simple meals. I had my friend Amy over one […]

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Gluten-Free Living Is No Cakewalk

May 7, 2013
Gluten-Free Living is No Cakewalk by

{For Celiac Awareness Month, I thought I would share one of my most popular posts on the subject.  I originally published this after being gluten-free for only six months.  Even though I’m more used to this way of life now, these challenges still get to me.  And I’m still having dreams about social situations, in […]

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Creamy Carrot Soup with Spinach Pesto

February 21, 2013
Creamy Carrot Soup with Spinach Pesto via (gluten-free, dairy-free)

Last weekend, we headed to the garden to grab the rest of the rainbow carrots. The kids and I had so much fun pulling them up, “oohing” and “ahhing” over the colors and shapes. Each pull was like a new surprise. Would it be yellow? Purple? Pink? Orange? We ended up with so many carrots […]

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