Now what?

This past week I have felt tethered to my social media feeds. I couldn’t stop myself from reading and reading, side-eyeing, and reading…

Opinions were flung, hope was hollered, lines were drawn in the proverbial sand.

And now? What?

The great (and sometimes horrible) thing about social media is that we can type anything we want, press enter, and reach hundreds, maybe thousands of people in a single moment.

Maybe nobody listens. Maybe somebody argues. Maybe you get a few “likes.” But has anything changed?

What will you do tomorrow when you live your actual life surrounded by actual people? How will you interact in real conversation? How will your daily life impact those around you?

Will you say the words you typed last night to someone’s actual face?


Hard conversations are not meant for social media. Hard conversations happen best in community with grace heaped upon the table. Face to face. Story to story. Life to life.

Maybe today is a good day to turn our eyes from our social media feeds for a moment. Maybe today is a good day to start having those hard conversations with the people right in front of us.