Our first Juliet

Gardening April 29, 2012

Remember the pretty plants I got from the farmer’s market last month?  Well, they are growing nicely, and we were able to harvest our first Juliet tomato yesterday.

Juliets are like grape tomatoes, small, long and deliciously sweet.  They grown in clusters, but this one was all alone because of eager little hands that picked the first two when they were still green.

Joe got the first taste.  “Mom, that’s good!”  Then he handed it over to Leila.

She took a bite then handed it to me.  After I took my small bite, she insisted on finishing the tomato.  They are her favorite after all.

Our next cluster looks to have five tomatoes.  We can each have our own next time!

This cuteness happened after our little tomato snack.

What do you think Hobbs is thinking here?

Do you garden with your kids?  

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  • Yum Yucky May 1, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    I’ve been planning to garden but haven’t followed through. Enough of that! I’m getting my veggie garden ready this weekend. And I plan on some sunflowers, too. (I enjoy your pics!)