This Week’s Bounty

After last week’s gigantic haul, this week’s basket seemed to be a little lean in the veggie department.  Of course, it was still a great value for only $16.50.  Here’s what we got:
-2 bags green grapes (1 bag was our extra from volunteering)
-1  pint blueberries
-8 bananas
-5 oranges
-7 nectarines
-1 cantaloupe
-1 bunch white asparagus
-1 pint cherry tomatoes
-2 yellow squash
-1 head romaine lettuce
-7 ears corn
-25 brussels sprouts 
The grapes are perfect!  Not sour at all, and not too sweet.  I am picky about grapes, and I am loving these.
Normally, we order the 9-grain bread every other week, but they offered sourdough this week so we wanted to give it a try:
We got 5 loaves for $10.  Apparently the 9-grain bread was not available this week so they substituted it on site with honey wheat bread.  I am glad we chose this week to get something different!  The bread is delicious for sandwiches and toast and not too sour.
Only 6 ingredients!
This week they also had a limited availability of blueberry cases.  You could order a case of 12 pints for $20. My parents ordered the maximum (3 cases) and shared one with us.  We grabbed 6 pints.  
I will post at the end of the week to let you know what I end up making with all of these blueberries!