My first gluten-free road trip

Celiac Disease, Health September 9, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to head out to California to visit family.  Because it was a last minute decision, I didn’t have time to plan and pack food as I would normally have.  I had a few snacks to throw into a bag including a Larabar, some almonds, and some fruit, but what would I have for dinner?  As we pulled into the halfway point to get gas and food, I realized that there was literally nothing I could eat.  I wasn’t about to risk getting cross-contaminated at a fast food place where the only thing on the menu I might have considered was a bean burrito.  Eek!  Why didn’t I pack something?

Then I remembered, at the last minute I had stuffed 2 half-full Tasty Bite packets into the cooler because I knew they would go bad if I left them at home.  Jeff suggested that I heat them up in the microwave at the gas station.  Genius!  So there I was, at the Shell station, nuking some jasmine rice and zesty lentils & peas.  The attendant was very sweet and gave me everything I needed to enjoy my gluten-free meal while telling me that her nephew suffers from terrible food allergies.

We made it to California safely, and you can bet that I will be planning much better for the drive home.

What are your go-to foods for road trips?  Do you plan ahead?  


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