Iso Abs

Fitness, Fitness - Ab & Core Exercises March 1, 2010

Inspired RD Exercise Library: Iso Abs

This exercise is designed to teach you how to use your core muscles correctly. Lying on your back with your legs bent and feet flat, place your hands over your bellybutton. Breathe normally, and as you exhale, bring your bellybutton towards your spine and hold it. Don’t allow any other part of your body to move. Release, inhale, then repeat on the exhale. Do 12 repetitions. Once you learn how to engage your core like this, you should be able to do so during every exercise that you perform. This will protect you from injury and give you better results. If I was standing with you while you were exercising, I would be reminding you to “pull your bellybutton in” during each exercise.

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  • Tifiny February 19, 2013 at 11:14 am

    My diastasis is 2 fingers wide plus some. My baby is 2 and I love working out. I’m frusterated that I can tone everywhere on my body except for my abs. I can’t even really flex them, only the sides. I want to incorporate some exercises into my regular routine. I’ve read things saying that lifting weights can further damage diastasis. I love lifting and feel fairly supported in my core during it. I just don’t have the same strength or my flat, tight abs I use to.