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Getting stronger from the inside out

November 28, 2013

My son was a little over a year old, and we had just returned home from running errands. As I pulled him out of the car, his foot became caught in the carseat. My body twisted and his body pulled back. Suddenly, pain shot up my back and I cried out. I hobbled into the […]

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5 Exercises to Heal Diastasis

November 1, 2013

It’s the first of the month, so Wendy Powell is back with some fitness tips!  Here she is with 5 exercises to heal diastasis. What exercises will really work to fix a Diastasis? As promised I am giving you 5 of my very favorite exercises for healing, reconnecting and restoring your core. As I explained […]

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2 Diastasis Recti Fixes that WON’T work – and What Will!

October 1, 2013

It’s October 1st which means it’s time for Inspired RD contributor Wendy Powell to talk fitness.  Today she’s teaching us more about diastasis.  Take it away, Wendy! First I just want to say Hi and thank-you so much to Alysa for asking me to contribute here, I’m excited to get to know you! 2 Diastasis […]

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Quick Posture Tip for Busy Moms

September 20, 2013

It’s Friday!  Which means two days of NO driving to school and picking up from school and dropping the other kid off at school then picking the other kid up at school then running errands then driving home. Phew!  Are you in the car all week too?  If so, here’s a quick tip to help […]

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5 Ways to Fix Mom Posture

August 29, 2013

I’m not sure when it all started, but somewhere between the years of hunching over a breastfeeding baby, carrying a toddler around in my arms, and tapping away at a keyboard, I developed what I like to call “Mom Posture.” My children were literally becoming a pain in the neck. Although it was painful, I […]

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5 Stretches for Busy Bloggers (and anyone else who sits at a computer all day)

August 19, 2013

Hey there Busy Blogger, how does your body feel today? Tight? Sore? Stiff? Take a few minutes to run through this stretching routine, and I promise you’ll feel like a new person! From a kneeling position, bring left leg out front with foot flat on the ground. Push body forward through the hips, stretching that […]

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Warm weather family workouts

May 31, 2013

I’m over on Simple Mom today talking about warm weather family workouts. From the post: “I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to stick with exercise if it isn’t just a little bit fun. Ok, a whole lot of fun. And when the weather is gorgeous, the last thing I want to […]

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How to test for Diastasis Recti

May 10, 2013

Disclosure: I am a MuTu affiliate because of how well the program is working for me.   I can’t even express how thrilled I am that I finally found a diastasis rehab program that works! My gap is getting smaller and my core is getting stronger. So exciting!  I’ve only been trying to figure out […]

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This week’s workout plan and a diastasis update

April 22, 2013

Since declaring my intention to “just do something” a few weeks ago, I’ve been doing much better at fitting in exercise. Not perfect, but better. I’ve realized that a busy lifestyle plus having an autoimmune disease means I need to plan ahead but also leave wiggle room for unexpected events and unpredictable health. So here’s […]

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Pray. Run. Unite.

April 15, 2013

We don’t know what to do.  We want to do something.  Start here… Pray. Wear a race shirt (any race shirt). Run.   Boston, we’re with you.  

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