Input without output can lead to stagnation

Life March 3, 2010

According to Gallup, two of my top strengths are input and learner. Basically this means that I enjoy learning new things and that the process is exciting for me. I don’t necessarily want to become a master at everything, I just want to learn to do as many things as possible that interest me. This is why we rarely eat the same thing for dinner in our house. I am always trying out a new recipe. I am the same way with crafting. I see an idea, and I have to try it out for myself. Once I finish the craft, I look for something else to try. I get bored when I make the same thing over and over, even if I do get better each time.

My inspiration comes from many places. Blogs, magazines, books, art, my own head. Follow me as I gather input and create output. Sometimes the finished product is amazing, sometimes it’s ok, and every once in a while it’s a disaster. No matter what the ending, I promise to show the result of my inspiration. I hope that somewhere along the way, you can get inspired too.

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