This Week’s Bounty

This week, I wasn’t able to get a Bountiful Basket because I had been traveling, so I asked my parents to take a picture of their bounty to share with you.  

Their $16.50 basket included:
2 tomatoes
1 pack baby bella mushrooms
6 ears white corn
1 cabbage
3 huge butternut squash (1 was my dad’s extra for volunteering)
6 bananas
2 large plums
1 huge honeydew melon
6 nectarines
6 gala apples
1 organic charentais melon (my mom’s extra for volunteering)
Apparently, there were not enough green grapes at the site, so they gave theirs up to someone else.
All in all, looks like a great haul!  And I see lots of butternut squash soup in their future…

  • Wedding Questions September 14, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    What a wonderful bounty!