Thanks Giving Inspired Fridays: Week 7

I invited my pal Lexie to share her thoughts on happiness today as part of Project 365 Thanks. 

Hi Everyone! My name is Lexie and I blog over at This Aussie Eats, a blog that follows my journey as I study to become a Registered Dietitian while living abroad. I am a huge fan of Alysa’s work and am loving being involved in Project 365 Thanks.

As I close in on the last 5 weeks of my internship I am frequently asked what my future plans entail. My reply is simple: find a job and start a career in a field that I love. About 90% of the time they ask another question: But where are you going to live? Australia? The U.S? This often then leads into a conversation about my plans and the way I look at my future. To me, it’s pretty simple. I am happy in America right now, so why change things? Don’t get me wrong, I was happy living in Australia my whole life but right now I am happy with where I am at and don’t see the need to suddenly make another international move when I am currently content.

I believe that only we are in control of our happiness, we have the choices to change our attitudes and make the best of any circumstance. Sure, sometimes life can be pretty crappy but that doesn’t mean we have to stay submerged in that negativity. Some days I hate being so far away from my family. But if I let my attitude dwell on these things and constantly gave off a debbie-downer vibe who would want to be around me? I wouldn’t even want to be around myself! We have the choice to take control of the situation and make something better for ourselves. We have the power to know happiness or to simply ignore it because we are too submerged in our own pity party.

Happiness can’t be bought, it has to be experienced so we can know it’s true value.

I am thankful that I know happiness.


What are your thoughts on happiness?

P.S after reading the ABC’s of Genuine Happiness, if you haven’t done the letter X, do it. Its worth it!

Thanks to Alysa for inviting me to guest post today. Here’s to many more days of giving thanks!!


Thanks Lexie!

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  • Susie B. February 17, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    Love the ABC’s of happiness! Thanks!

    P.S. I’m totally going to xerox my smile ! Excited.

  • MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College February 17, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    So true Lexie, great guest post!

    I am glad you will be staying in the U.S.! Good luck with your last 5 weeks 🙂

  • Sarah February 22, 2012 at 7:49 am

    Such a great post! It’s good to be reminded of the power of positive thoughts.