Ugly Mirror Makeover Tutorial

mirror makeover

Have I mentioned that I love a good thrift store?  It’s like a treasure hunt, except that most of the time I am hunting for ugly things that I can turn into treasures.  It’s kind of exciting, the thrill of the hunt.  I even snuck away to Goodwill the other day while my entire family was napping.  I found a wooden letter “B” for 69 cents and a hideous wall plaque for 99 cents.  Both are currently drying in between coats of spray paint.  Spray paint is my other new obsession.  Combine spray paint with thrifting, and you have a whole mess of fun!

I may have a problem.


So here’s what you need to make a cute chalkboard on the cheap:
-An ugly thrift store mirror
-Spray paint or acrylic paint
-Chalkboard paint
-Foam paint brush
-Fabric strips
-Fabric glue
-E-6000 glue


$3.99, what a deal!  Take the mirror apart from the frame.  You may need a screwdriver for this part.

spray paint frame

Grab your paint and give the frame a few good coats.

chalkboard paint

Clean off the mirror and apply chalkboard paint.

chalkboard paint on a mirror

The instructions on my chalkboard paint said to do 2 coats (1 in each direction), but I ended up having to do 3 to get full coverage.

fabric and fabric glue

Grab some strips of pretty fabric and follow these instructions from Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous (one of my favorite crafting resource!).  Notice I used fabric fusion fabric glue instead of a hot glue gun.  You can use whatever is easiest for you.

Glue the flowers to your frame with the E-6000, put the pieces back together and you’re done!

mirror makeover



Are you a thrift store fan?  Or am I the only one???



P.S. Happy Birthday to my little sister Kate (on the left).

Wish I could be there today to cook you up some gluten-free goodies!

  • Nicole February 6, 2012 at 7:40 am

    Love this…and love finding things on the cheap that become one of your favorit things. Nice job! Pinning… 🙂

  • Mike Lieberman February 6, 2012 at 9:52 am

    I’m going to be moving in a few weeks and have been looking for fun design ideas. Got this bookmarked and gonna be hitting up the thriftstore this week!

  • linda @ craftaholics anonymous February 6, 2012 at 11:52 am

    How cute!! Chalkboard paint + rosettes= match made in heaven! And thanks for the shout out! you rock!
    happy crafting,