Winter scenes at 65 miles per hour

Yesterday was a crazy wintery day here in Phoenix. I snapped a few pictures with my phone on the way to and from my medical procedure.

Snow in Phoenix

I honestly barely remember taking the last two. I do remember however, picking up the phone in my loopy post-anesthesia haze and hearing my mom say, “Don’t post anything! Don’t tweet!”

Snow in Phoenix

I’m thankful she had the presence of mind to do that because you definitely didn’t want to know the TMI things that would have come out in that moment.

Snow in Phoenix

I don’t have any results yet, but I’m hoping to find out something today or Monday.  For the record, I definitely still have celiac disease.  I’ll keep you posted about the rest.

Oh, and I get to do this tomorrow:

Lozilu Phoenix 5K

Yep, that’s a giant slip-n-slide.  “Team Inspired” will be on the LoziLu course at 11:00 tomorrow morning ready to get muddy!

Happy Friday.