Sharing my story, Part 1

Celiac Awareness Month: InspiredRD on Overcoming Challenges of Adult Diagnosis – Part 1

The National Peanut Board blog asked me to share my celiac story this month.  I’m talking about the challenges of being diagnosed with celiac disease as an adult, and what I’ve learned so far.

You can read part one here.


I also want to point you to this post by Gluten Dude and encourage you to sign the petition against bullying.  I don’t know whether Joe or Leila will develop celiac disease, but it worries me that this kind of bullying is being encouraged by Disney when it is already such a huge problem in schools.


Also, don’t forget to enter to win “Fast & Simple Gluten Free” before the end of the day!  (Contest ends at midnight.)


Have a great Friday!