Companies rush to comply with gluten-free craze

I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on gluten-free labeling with a reporter from the Arizona Republic a few weeks ago.  Yesterday the story was finally printed.  If you would like to read it, click on the image below.

Companies rush to comply with gluten-free craze

From the article:

The rise in popularity of the gluten-free diet has been both a blessing and a curse for consumers such as Alysa Bajenaru, for whom a gluten-free diet is a medical necessity.

“I thought a gluten-free lifestyle would be easy,” said Bajenaru, a Gilbert registered dietitian and blogger who was diagnosed with celiac disease three years ago. “It turned out to be harder than I thought.”

She said the proliferation of certifications on product labels has helped her avoid accidentally eating gluten and becoming sick. In fact, Bajenaru said that if something doesn’t have a gluten-free certification label, she probably won’t buy it.

“Anything could be contaminated (with gluten),” Bajenaru said. “Labels help me.”

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Image credit: Stacie Scott/The Republic