5 Ways to Fix Mom Posture

5 Ways to Fix Mom Posture

I’m not sure when it all started, but somewhere between the years of hunching over a breastfeeding baby, carrying a toddler around in my arms, and tapping away at a keyboard, I developed what I like to call “Mom Posture.”

My children were literally becoming a pain in the neck.

Although it was painful, I didn’t realize how bad it had become until my husband and I were trying to pick me out of a photo on Instagram.  In a dimly lit field with about 30-40 people, he saw my figure right away.  “You’re the one with the Mom Posture.”  He was right.  Slumped shoulders, forward head, tailbone tucked under.  Yikes.

Vanity aside, I realized my posture was giving me headaches, neck and back pain, and most likely sapping my energy.  My hunch (pun intended) is that you feel this way too.

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