Advent Conspiracy Update

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all who participated in Joe & Leila’s Advent Conspiracy Coffee Stand.  With your help in person and online, they raised $575!  That is enough to feed 11 kids in Malawi for all of 2014 and provide a lifetime of clean drinking water to their families.  What a beautiful Christmas gift you have given our family.

Miller Family
Guard Family
Lundberg Family
Gungor Family
Mark & Megan Scott
Debbie Bajenaru
Sarah Stanley
Raines Family
Luke Prihoda
Sarfate Family
Thomas Family
Cameron Family
Ream Family
Shane McKillip
Grudecki Family
Rhineheimer Family
Trahan Family
Hannah Singer
Robinson Family
Jonny & Whitney Lutz
…and all who saw a bunch of bright-eyed kids and took the time to stop for a cup of coffee.

Thank you.