Last October, Jeff went on a 2-week mission trip to Malawi. The team went to several villages, loaded with thousands of pairs of donated glasses, and put on vision clinics.  They worked long hours in cramped rooms while people waited hours and even days to be seen.

It was all worth it when the right pair of glasses went on the right face and someone could see clearly for the very first time. The team described those moments as pure joy for everyone.  Through spotty Facetime connections, Jeff would finish his day telling us about a woman who could finally see her grandchild’s face, and a man who started reading out loud and was so excited he couldn’t stop.


Joe and Leila raise money for our partnership in Malawi each Christmas through their Advent Conspiracy coffee stand.  Jeff’s trip made this year’s fundraising efforts even more special to us.  These are no longer generic nameless faces we are trying to help.  These are real kids who have looked into his eyes and said, “Thank you.”

Jeff took hundreds of photos with his iPhone and I recently sat down to edit a few of my favorites.  Click here to see the beauty of Malawi on my photography blog.

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  • Stephanie Sheaffer January 21, 2014 at 10:59 am

    A cause close to my heart since my vision is less than 20/20 (far less!). I know firsthand what a precious gift it is to be able to see clearly.