Simple Thankful Tree

I wanted to do a Thanksgiving project with the kids that focused on being grateful for all the little and big things in life. As I started to peruse Pinterest, I realized that A) I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, and B) I didn’t want to spend a ton of time.

So I reached into the closet, pulled out construction paper and double-sided tape, and voilà! Our Thankful Tree was born.

This literally took 10 minutes, and the kids have had a great time thinking up things to write on the leaves. I left a pile of extra leaves with a pen and tape so they can add to it whenever they think of something new.
How to make a simple Thankful Tree with your kids for Thanksgiving |

The Thankful Tree is so wonderful that I might move it into the kids’ room after Thanksgiving. Or maybe we’ll start a new one!


To make your own Thankful tree, cut two or three pieces of brown construction paper a few inches wide and tape to the wall for the trunk of the tree. Cut smaller brown pieces about an inch wide for the branches. Cut leaves of all shapes and colors. With a sharpie, write on the trunk, “I am thankful for…” Help your kids write on the leaves and stick them to the wall with double-stick tape. Make sure to leave extra leaves out for later so you can add to your tree throughout the week.

*You could also make this a fun Thanksgiving table activity. Set leaves on the table and have your dinner guests write their thanks on the leaves and stick them to the tree.

  • Gluten Dude November 23, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Is it safe to assume there’s a Gluten Dude leaf on that tree? 😉