Thankfulness Lately

This morning we dug our hands into the soil, pulling beets and carrots from their hiding places, clipping rainbow chard and kale from overgrown stalks.

Arriving home, I threw everything in the sink and started my least favorite part of gardening, the washing and drying and trimming and trying-not-to-get-too-much-dirt-on-the-floor part.

As I ran cold water over the lacinto kale, light caught in glittery pools of water on the underside of each leaf, and I had what I might call an Ann Voskamp moment.

Thankfulness Lately |

My breath caught as I noticed the beauty of watery jewels washing this nubby leaf.  A leaf that will nourish hungry bellies tonight, months after being planted as a tiny seed by chubby little fingers.

It was one of those brief holy moments of gratitude. Which, as it so often does, opened my eyes to blessings all around (because there is always more gratitude to be found when you start looking for it).

So here, simply, are a few things I am thankful for lately.

Thankfulness Lately |

For dogs who help with spelling lessons.

Thankfulness Lately |

For warm sun, a cup of coffee, and a new book.

Thankfulness Lately |

For the way a free library reminds me that humans are awesome.

Thankfulness Lately |

For morning light falling over my favorite coffee shop.

Thankfulness Lately |

For wispy watercolored skies.

Thankfulness Lately | InspiredRD.comThankfulness Lately |

For reporters and baseball coaches and everyone else who is sharing Maggie’s story of Hope, Acceptance and Love. (The Kickstarter is almost 2/3 funded!)

What are you thankful for lately?