Updated Gluten-Free in Phoenix (and why you always need to take responsibility for your own food safety)

Two years ago I posted a list of my favorite gluten-free restaurants in Phoenix. I wanted to share the places where I feel safe with anyone who is in the area and needs a good gluten-free meal. I had been meaning to update the list for a few months now because I have expanded my own personal favorite list, and of course restaurants open and close every day.

Then I received an email from one of the restaurants asking me to put a disclaimer on my post. Someone had dined there on the recommendation of that post and had failed to disclose the fact that they were gluten-free. Because they had not told their server about their health needs, the restaurant made the dish as normal and the person got sick.

It is always always always your responsibility to tell your server that you need special care taken with your gluten-free meal. When a menu has a GF label next to certain dishes, that means the dish can be made gluten-free, not necessarily that it is always gluten-free. Also, if you have celiac disease, they need to know to avoid cross-contamination issues.

Most restaurants want to take good care of us, but they can’t read our minds!

So with that, I invite you to click over to my updated post – The best gluten-free restaurants in Phoenix (according to me). I will continue to update this as I go. If you have any great places to add, leave a comment.

And remember, speak up for yourself. Stay safe!

Where to eat gluten-free in Phoenix