Monthly archives for April, 2012

Monday Medley

Happy Monday!  I have lots to tell you about, so I decided to smash them all into one post. First, I am pretty excited about one of my recipes being featured on Shape Magazine’s website.  The freelance writer who put the piece together contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would mind

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Our first Juliet

Remember the pretty plants I got from the farmer’s market last month?  Well, they are growing nicely, and we were able to harvest our first Juliet tomato yesterday. Juliets are like grape tomatoes, small, long and deliciously sweet.  They grown in clusters, but this one was all alone because of eager little hands that picked

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Etsy Favorites – Kitchen Edition

Just for fun, some kitchen favorites from Etsy. Have a great weekend!


Thankful Thursdays: Week 17

Leila has been sick this week.  Poor squeaker has almost no voice.  Instead of thinking about everything I could be doing right now, I am choosing to be thankful that I am the one who gets to snuggle with her.  As much as I want to complain about lack of sleep, I choose to be

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5 ways to help your kids WANT to eat more vegetables

How do you help your kids want to eat more vegetables?  The simple answer is to offer them more vegetables. Sound too easy?  I promise, it’s not.  Research has actually shown that the kids who are offered more vegetables eat more vegetables.  Makes sense, right? But sometimes it doesn’t seem so easy, especially when you

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Cowboy Caviar

Birthday month is finally over. Joe is now 5, Leila is now 3, and I am now tired. Jeff’s birthday in March begins birthday month where we have 3 birthdays and many more celebrations, including Easter, in a span of 30 days.  For someone who doesn’t like to bake, I’ve made a lot of cakes

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Happy Birthday Joe

Happy Birthday Joe!  Today you turn 5, and there are some things about this age that I never want to forget. When someone asks you what your favorite color is, you say, “Blue, and black, and white…and pink, and purple, and orange, and I like ALL the colors!”  It seems like you have inherited my

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