Spring Capsule Update

I’m two months into my first capsule wardrobe, and many of you have asked me how it’s going, so I thought I would write a little update.

First of all, I love having a capsule wardrobe. Walking into my closet and getting dressed is easier than it’s ever been. I know everything fits, I know everything mixes and matches, and it’s all my style.

What I didn’t anticipate was how simplifying my wardrobe would also simplify my shopping experience. Now when I go shopping (or browse online), I am no longer tempted to buy random items just because they are a good deal. I know exactly what I’m looking for, and what will fit with the clothes I already own.

Because most of my capsule clothes are older, I have been shopping for a few replacements. Two of my chambray shirts are falling apart, my skinny jeans have been repaired a few times, and my gray v-neck is almost see-thru (although it’s still my favorite). I love having specific items to shop for because I know I will get great use out of them when I find them.

I thought it would be fun to evaluate what I have actually worn out of my capsule, so below I’ve marked the original photo with colored dots. Green = Wear all the time. Yellow = Wear sometimes. Red = Wear never or hardly ever.

Spring Capsule Update | InspiredRD.com

I feel like my capsule could be even smaller based on these dots. Don’t you?

Below are a few things I’ve bought over the past couple months.

Spring Capsule Update | InspiredRD.com

I bought the shorts because we had a really hot spring and I needed an extra pair. (Here’s the link, but I found them at Nordstrom Rack for $23) The Boyjeans were something I had tried to find for a long time and finally found a pair that fit (and didn’t make me look ridiculous).

Spring Capsule Update | InspiredRD.comThe white tank is because I just thought I could use an extra (and I have worn it a ton). And the chambray shirt was to replace the two I have that are falling apart.

Spring Capsule Update | InspiredRD.comThe Vans were somewhat of an impulse buy. I actually went to buy some white Converse and came out with these instead. (Oops.) But the salesman made a great point.  He told me that because my wardrobe is mostly neutral, I should try to go a little crazy below the ankle sometimes. And you know what? I wear them all the time.


In less than a month, we pack up for three months in Missoula, Montana. I’m working on a summer capsule right now which will include lots of comfy, outdoorsy, and warm clothes (their summer is cooler than our spring!). I’ll be using many of the pieces I already have, taking out some of the nicer items and replacing them with more layers. I’ll post an update before we leave.

Have you thought any more about creating a capsule for yourself? I would be happy to answer any questions you might have on how to get started! You can also read my original post here – How to find your style and create a capsule wardrobe (without spending a ton of money).


  • Jessica @ Floptimism May 18, 2015 at 11:47 pm

    I’m itching to create a capsule wardrobe! I spend too much of my life staring at my stuffed, messy closet, fretting over what to where (Is this professional enough for work? Too dressy for that restaurant? Do these match? When was the last time these people saw me in this top? Have I worn this color too much lately? This is too big. This is too small.) <— It's EXHAUSTING! I've started to become a lot "pickier" about which new items I buy, but I know there's a crazy amount of dead weight hiding behind those closet doors and dresser drawers. Sometimes it feels too daunting to start.