We’re going back to Montana – Frequently Asked Questions

In ten days or so, our family of four will be packing up and heading back to Montana for three months. Jeff is the pitching coach for the Missoula Osprey, and their season begins on June 18th.

As a baseball family, this is considered normal. But as I started getting questions from those around us, I realized this isn’t normal for most families. So I thought I would answer some of the questions I have been getting most frequently.

Going back to Montana - Frequently Asked Questions | InspiredRD.com

Here they are, in no particular order:

I thought Jeff coached for the Arizona Diamondbacks.
He coaches for the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball organization.
The Diamondbacks actually have 9 teams. One major league team and 8 minor league teams. The last three years he has coached for the Arizona League Diamondbacks, a team that plays all of their games in Phoenix.

  • Arizona Diamondbacks (Major Leauges)
  • Reno Aces (AAA)
  • Mobile Baybears (AA)
  • Visalia Rawhide (Advanced-A)
  • Kane County Cougars (A)
  • Hillsboro Hops (Short Season A)
  • Missoula Osprey (Advanced Rookie)
  • Arizona League Diamondbacks (Rookie)
  • Dominican Summer League Diamondbacks (Rookie)

Does Jeff eventually want to coach in the pros?
Technically he is already coaching in the pros (Pro = players are paid to play). I think what you mean is major leagues, and yes that is the ultimate goal, although he loves what he gets to do now (working with the youngest players).

Going back to Montana - Frequently Asked Questions | InspiredRD.com

Do professional baseball coaches make millions of dollars?

Are you excited to go?
Yes! We had an incredible time in Montana last summer. Where else can our kids roam free among the deer and splash in a river all day?

Going back to Montana - Frequently Asked Questions | InspiredRD.com

Where will you live?
Like last year, we are renting a one bedroom apartment on the first floor of a house. The family we rent from is great, and the location is perfect. The kids especially love the playground and trampoline. I especially love the views.

Going back to Montana - Frequently Asked Questions | InspiredRD.comGoing back to Montana - Frequently Asked Questions | InspiredRD.com

Are you moving to Montana forever?
No. Just for three months, then we will be back in Phoenix.

Will you keep your rental home in Phoenix?
Yes. It doesn’t make sense to move out for three months then have to find a new place when we get back.

What is the weather like in Missoula?
In June, the average high is 74 with a low of 48. Montana summers are kind of like Phoenix winters. My favorite is being able to wear a sweatshirt to a baseball game in the middle of July.

Do you even like baseball?
Thankfully I LOVE baseball. I would hate to think of how this all would go if I didn’t.

What about school?
School starts at home on July 22nd, and our baseball season isn’t over until September 8th at the earliest. At this time, we believe being together as a family is more important than being here for the start of school. Because of that, we started homeschooling last year and will continue to do so as long as it works for us!

Going back to Montana - Frequently Asked Questions | InspiredRD.com

Will you keep blogging this summer?
Our internet is spotty up there…and I plan to spend lots of time outdoors…so maybe a little. I will however be taking zillions of photos (sorry in advance), so you can always keep up with me on Instagram.

How’s the packing going?
Send help.

Won’t you miss your friends in Phoenix?
Of course!!

Are you good at keeping in touch?
No I’m pretty much the worst, so please reach out to me often.


Any more questions? Just ask!



  • Nick S June 5, 2015 at 3:19 am

    So you’re back in September? Great, I’ll pencil Jeff in for softball which starts middle of the month! 🙂

  • Sooz Webby June 7, 2015 at 3:22 am

    Have a great summer in Missoula and tell the Ellis Family that I miss them!

  • Bethany @ Online Therapy and Coaching June 7, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    What an adventure for your family! And I didn’t realize that’s what life was like for a professional coach. Best of luck to you, and I hope you enjoy the brief change of scenery!