How to Safely do Crunches when you have Diastasis Recti

The first time I ever blogged about diastasis recti, I could have sworn to you that I would never do a typical crunch exercise again. With all the work I have put into closing my abdominal gap with the MuTu System, I wasn’t about to muck it all up with crunches.

But a funny thing happened when I committed to training my core the right way: I learned how understand my body and its cues. Now I know how to monitor myself during exercise to know when everything is going fine, when a specific exercise needs to be modified, and when I need to avoid a move altogether.

I know the shape my tummy is supposed to be, and what shape it takes when there is too much intra-abdominal pressure.

How to do crunches safely when you have diastasis recti

Which is why I was thrilled when Wendy Powell announced last week that for some women, it is ok to add crunches back into your workouts if you do them the right way. Yay!

And while I won’t be doing crunches all the time, I am happy to be able to do them safely as part of some of my favorite new workouts (which I will tell you about soon).

How to do crunches safely when you have diastasis recti

You can find all you need to know about crunches and diastasis recti, plus how to tell if you are ready to try them out by clicking here.


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  • Tara February 25, 2016 at 3:20 am

    I can’t tell “when” to measure my gap. Like at what point in the knees up head raise? Right away? Sometimes I have 2 fingers, sometimes my abs are together. My head barely raised or a few more inches? It’s so confusing. Any advice? Every other time I measure it is either nah girl you’re good or oh my gosh it’s bad.