21 Movies to Watch As a Family

The first haircut. The last day of preschool. The first loose tooth. Moments when we sigh to ourselves and say, “Our babies aren’t babies anymore.”

And while I have grieved the passage of time and the fact that it truly does go by too fast, I have also allowed myself to enjoy this new stage of life. A stage where I can tell my kids to go take a shower, everyone is sleeping through the night, and we can have actual conversations about interesting subjects.

I don’t mind telling you that family movie night has also become more enjoyable in the past couple years. No longer are we watching the same cartoons over and over again. These days we get to watch movies everyone enjoys—movies that make us laugh and cry and have more of those good conversations.

Maybe you’re entering this stage soon? If so, here are 21 movies to get you started.



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