Our Baseball Life – FAQs

Life in pro baseball is hard to explain. Even when you’ve been around our family for years, it can be nearly impossible to grasp all the details and nuance of what we’re doing, why we live in multiple places every year, and how Jeff’s job works.

Since opening day was yesterday, I thought it would be the perfect time to do an updated version of my FAQ posts.

Here we go:

So who does your husband coach for?
He is a pitching coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks organization.

Wow, so he coaches for the Diamondbacks? Can we hang out when you come to my big league city?
He coaches in their minor league system right now, so he will not be with the big league team.

So can we see you when we come to an Arizona Diamondbacks game this season?
We won’t be there. He coaches in the minor leagues. This year he will be coaching in Reno, Nevada.

The Diamondbacks actually have 9 teams. One major league team and 8 minor league teams. The last three years, he has coached for the Visalia Rawhide. Before that, he spent two years with the Missoula Osprey, and the three seasons before that he coached for the Arizona League Diamondbacks. This will be our first season with the Reno Aces.

  • Arizona Diamondbacks (Major Leagues)
  • Reno Aces (AAA)
  • Mobile Baybears (AA)
  • Visalia Rawhide (Advanced-A)
  • Kane County Cougars (A)
  • Hillsboro Hops (Short Season A)
  • Missoula Osprey (Advanced Rookie)
  • Arizona League Diamondbacks (Rookie)
  • Dominican Summer League Diamondbacks (Rookie)

Does your husband eventually want to coach in the pros?
Technically he is already coaching in the pros (Pro = players are paid to play). I think what you mean is major leagues, and yes that is the ultimate goal, although he loves what he gets to do now. He is especially excited about making the jump to AAA this year where he will get to work with a bunch of players that have big league time and guys that will be making their major league debut soon. I’m excited to have more wives and girlfriends around (the higher up you go, the older the players are, the more friends I get to make 🙌). 

Do professional baseball coaches make millions of dollars?
We like to say call ourselves “thousandaires”.

Are you sad to leave Texas? 
Actually the kids and I will stay here until school is out, so we will only be gone a couple months over the summer. 

Is it hard to be separated from Jeff for so long? 
Yes. This season is our longest time apart since before we were married. For a few years we stayed together by homeschooling. It made the most sense while the kids were little and allowed us to travel with Jeff full time. Last year they started public school, and this year they are so involved in sports and activities that we made the decision to keep them in school full time. We went out to Arizona for an extended spring break last month and will go to Reno for a long trip at the end of April. 

Where will you live when you get to Reno?
We will be staying at the home of a coach from another organization who will be coaching in Montana this summer. For a long time we thought we might have to live in a hotel all summer, so this is much better. We’re excited about it!

Are you moving to Nevada forever?
No. Just for the baseball season, then we will be back in Texas before school starts up again.

I thought you moved to California?
Nope. That was just where my husband coached the last two summers.

Do you even like baseball?
Thankfully I LOVE baseball. I would hate to think of how this all would go if I didn’t. I also love the baseball community we have been a part of for our entire adult lives. There are so many amazing people in this game. I’m grateful to serve our community as COO of Our Baseball Life and editor for Baseball Chapel. 

Is baseball life hard?
Sometimes. But it’s also fun and exciting and full of adventure. Plus, there’s nothing better than getting to watch my husband do what he was made to do.


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