Self-Care for Hard Times

This is what self-care looks like in the year 2020.

Back in March when the professional baseball season was suspended and my husband (who is a professional baseball coach) was sent home from Spring Training to ride out this “Coronavirus thing,” we anticipated 2–3 weeks of interrupted life.

As we hung out in Texas, somewhat enjoying our little quarantine vacation, I thought for sure we would be sending him back to Arizona in no time.

Then 2020 became, well, 2020.

I spent all of April through June glued to my phone, scrolling my Twitter feed, anxiously searching for new information. Facebook filled up with conspiracy theories and shouting matches. My world became entirely too loud.

As I sit here mid-July, I’m finally realizing that we’re in this for the long haul. Whatever “this” is. The virus, politics, racism…our world is groaning, and it won’t be fixed overnight.

So I’m taking a step back and reevaluating what I give my energy to, how I structure my days, and who I allow to speak into my life. 

This is what self-care looks like for me in the year 2020…

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This is what self-care looks like in the year 2020.