Made For Moms: Home Workouts

March 5, 2014
How Better Alignment Helps Fix Diastasis Recti

Home workouts are perfect for moms! Contributor Wendy Powell is here to tell you why (and give you some tips to get started).  Before you were a mom, the opportunities to exercise in any way you chose were yours for the taking. Group exercise, solo challenges, running, biking, extreme sports… the streets were yours to […]

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5 Exercises to Heal Diastasis

November 1, 2013
5 Exercises to Fix Diastasis Recti from Wendy Powell of MuTu System

It’s the first of the month, so Wendy Powell is back with some fitness tips!  Here she is with 5 exercises to heal diastasis. What exercises will really work to fix a Diastasis? As promised I am giving you 5 of my very favorite exercises for healing, reconnecting and restoring your core. As I explained […]

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Quick Posture Tip for Busy Moms

September 20, 2013
Quick Posture Tip for Busy Moms (especially moms who drive a lot!) from

It’s Friday!  Which means two days of NO driving to school and picking up from school and dropping the other kid off at school then picking the other kid up at school then running errands then driving home. Phew!  Are you in the car all week too?  If so, here’s a quick tip to help […]

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5 Ways to Fix Mom Posture

August 29, 2013
5 Ways to Fix Mom Posture

I’m not sure when it all started, but somewhere between the years of hunching over a breastfeeding baby, carrying a toddler around in my arms, and tapping away at a keyboard, I developed what I like to call “Mom Posture.” My children were literally becoming a pain in the neck. Although it was painful, I […]

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5 Stretches for Busy Bloggers (and anyone else who sits at a computer all day)

August 19, 2013
5 Stretches for Busy Bloggers (and anyone else who sits at a computer all day) via

Hey there Busy Blogger, how does your body feel today? Tight? Sore? Stiff? Take a few minutes to run through this stretching routine, and I promise you’ll feel like a new person! From a kneeling position, bring left leg out front with foot flat on the ground. Push body forward through the hips, stretching that […]

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Dear Diastasis Recti, I’m so over you.

June 19, 2012

See my most recent diastasis update here. UPDATE: Diastasis expert Wendy Powell answers all of your questions from the comment section here.  I’ve been putting this off for a while, but today I am finally committing to healing my diastasis.  What is diastasis recti?  It’s that gap between my abdominal muscles that comes as a […]

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You have been inspired to fitness, now what?

February 23, 2012
side plank progression

This is the final post in BlogHer’s Inspiration to Fitness series. To start from week one, click here. Congratulations!  This is your final week of Inspiration to Fitness.  You’ve made it!  If you’ve gone through this 8-week program with us, your heart is now healthier, your muscles are stronger, and your lungs are more conditioned. We might be […]

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How to get a better workout in less time

February 16, 2012

This post is the sixth in BlogHer’s Inspiration to Fitness series. To start from week one, click here. I can’t believe this is the second to last week of our Inspiration to Fitness challenge! I hope that by now you are feeling stronger, healthier and have more energy throughout your day. I hope you are […]

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It’s time to switch it up

February 9, 2012
dynamic warmup arm circles

This post is the sixth in BlogHer’s Inspiration to Fitness series.  To start from week one, click here.  Our first 4 workouts can be found here, here, here, and here. You’ve been working out for weeks, maybe months.  Your body is getting stronger, and you are making progress.  Then, all of a sudden you hit a plateau.  Even though you might […]

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Staying Motivated

February 2, 2012
pushup with rotation

This post is the fifth in BlogHer’s Inspiration to Fitness series.  To start from week one, click here.  Our first 3 workouts can be found here, here and here. Congratulations!  You have made it through the first half of the Inspiration to Fitness program!  I hope you are starting to really have fun and feel some results. My biggest hope is […]

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