The Balance Project

April 13, 2015
The Balance Project - An interview with Alysa Bajenaru of

Last year, Susie Schnall, author of The Balance Project and On Grace interviewed me about that mythical unicorn of “doing it all” that we seem to be obsessed with. The interview is finally up, and I would love to have you go check it out here. Because really, I don’t do it all. I don’t […]

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The day we thought we lost you

April 2, 2015
The day we thought we lost you. |

I pulled into the garage and felt a gush of water. It felt like my water had broken, but it wasn’t your birthday. In fact, I was only 9 weeks pregnant with you. Shaking, I ran into the house calling for your daddy to come get Joe out of the car. When I saw the […]

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Thoughts on being enough

March 26, 2015
Thoughts on Being Enough |

Lately there seems to be a common theme among women my age.  The idea that social media has taken what once was enough and turned it into a guilt-filled rat race that we can never win. As my friends and I sit in living rooms with mugs of coffee hashing out what it means to be “enough” in […]

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Thankful for this mess

March 19, 2015
If I have a mess in my house, it means I have everything I've ever wanted. And that is something to be thankful for. |

I walked into the kids’ bathroom today and as the light streamed in, the mirror looked like this. I saw globs of toothpaste in the sink, trash on the floor, and the rug crumpled against the bathtub. My first reaction was to sigh in annoyance. So I was surprised when I caught myself sighing in gratitude. I started […]

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Keeping journals: 5 ways your kids can start now

February 26, 2015
5 fun ways for kids to start journaling |

This year, we started homeschooling our kids, mostly as a way of sticking together as a family. Because of my husband’s job as a professional baseball coach, we move a few times a year. As we began our homeschool journey, I decided pretty quickly that I didn’t want to have a million pieces of paper […]

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Cheering each other on

January 4, 2015
Cheer each other on in marriage |

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary. Jeff and I were married on a cold January day in Norman, Oklahoma at a beautiful church. It was still decorated for Christmas, complete with poinsettias everywhere and a giant Christmas tree. Thankfully, our color scheme was red and white, so it worked. These were the days before digital photography, […]

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Merry Christmas

December 22, 2014
Alysa Bajenaru

I’m excited for this week. I’m looking forward to taking a break from social media, snuggling in close with the ones I love. Watching movies, sipping tea, telling stories and nibbling sugar cookies. I’ll be back at the end of the month with the year’s most popular posts and a look ahead to next year. (I’ve already chosen […]

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Simple Thankful Tree

November 23, 2014
How to make a simple Thankful Tree with your kids for Thanksgiving |

I wanted to do a Thanksgiving project with the kids that focused on being grateful for all the little and big things in life. As I started to peruse Pinterest, I realized that A) I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, and B) I didn’t want to spend a ton of time. So […]

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Sometimes it’s ok to break the rules

November 10, 2014
Sometimes it's ok to break the rules |

“Mom can we start today with painting?” I hesitated. After lecturing him last week on how homeschooling means there is no set schedule. On how he needs to be flexible in his expectations. That “school” is never really over. I almost said no. To the kid who does what is expected. Most of the time without […]

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Tiny glimpses of Heaven

November 7, 2014
Tiny glimpses of Heaven |

Sometimes I’ll be going about my day, just my normal everyday activities of teaching, writing, cleaning, cooking, when all at once my breath catches and I see Heaven shining down on my kitchen. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening, but all of a sudden it’s like someone flushed out my eyeballs because I can so clearly see […]

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